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The Data Controller, Confezioni Andrea Italia S.r.l., with registered office in Varese (VA), 21100, via Friuli 8, legally registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Varese, REA n. VA 355028, VAT n. IT03482960121,according to the data protection laws and regulations [Regulation UE n.2016/679 (GDPR), art. 13], provides the users of the website (“the Site”) with this policy concerning the information about the used cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are short strings of text which the site, browsed by the user, sends to the user’s computer (usually to his/her browser), where the cookies are stored and later retransmitted to the site during the next browsing of the same user. While a user is browsing the web, other cookies may be received in his/her computer sent by different websites or web servers (so-called “Third parties’cookies”), containing certain elements (e.g. images, maps, sounds, specific links to other domain pages) of the site browsed by the user.

There are usually a large number of cookies in a user’s browser, which often remain there for a long time and are used for different purposes: IT authentication, session monitoring, storing data about specific configurations of the users who access the server.

Cookies are different according to the purposes for which they are used; the cookies are divided into two macro categories: technical cookies and profile cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are only used to transmit a communication in a digital communications network, or to provide the user with the service requested. Technical cookies are usually by installed by the owner of the website or the website manager.

Profile cookies

The profile cookies create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages in accordance with the user’s preferences which are shown while the user is browsing the web.

Third party cookies

Cookies can be installed on the user's terminal, by the website manager which the user browsed, and by the site managers of different sites which install cookies through the first Site (so-called "third parties").

Types of cookies used in the Site

Technical cookies

The Site uses technical cookies in order to recognize users who come back to visit the Site and their data, so that the same information is not entered by user repeatedly.

These cookies do not require the user’s prior consent for their installation and use.

The technical cookies used in the Site are the following.

Browsing/session cookies: which ensure the normal browsing and use of the Site. They allow, for example, to make a purchase or to be recognized before accessing confidential areas. These cookies are necessary for a better use of the Site.

Even if the Technical cookies do not require the user’s prior consent for their installation and use, the user can manage such cookies through the browser settings (in the section "How to manage your cookie settings"). However the removal of the Technical cookies could compromise the full use and enjoyment of the Site.

Technical Cookies used by the Site


Description of the Cookie
session cookie

Duration of the Cookie
The cookie is erased when the browser is closed

Cookie analytics: through which statistical information is obtained relating to the number of users who visit the Site and the methods used to move around the site. This information is processed in aggregate, anonymous form.

This site uses cookie analytics of third parties; their description is contained in the table in the section “Third parties cookie”.

Third parties cookies
In the Site third parties cookies are installed.

The Site does not have direct control on such cookie (or it can neither install them directly nor delete them). The user can manage these cookies through the browser settings and the same may refuse the consent previously given to their use in the section "How to manage your cookie settings", or through the indication in the table below.

Below the details of the single third parties which install cookies, the cookie used in the Site, their description and duration, the links to the third parties’ privacy policy where the user can obtain more information about their processing and how to deactivate them.

Third party
Google Analytics

Cookie used by the Site

Features and purposes of the Cookie used
This cookie allows the users to learn the interaction with the Site content. This cookie is needed for the data collection on the user’s use of the Site

Duration of the Cookie
1 year, renewed at each access to the Site

Link to privacy policy

Link to how to deactivate them

How to manage the cookie settings

Given above about the cookies strictly required for browsing the Site, the user can delete the cookies through his/her browser.

Moreover the user can manage Third parties cookies and deny the consent previously given to their use through the browser settings as indicated below, or by accessing the links indicated in the table set out in the previously section.

Each browser has different procedures for the cookies settings management. Below the instructions for such settings management:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Select “Tools” then “Internet options”;
2. click on “Privacy”;
3. use the pointer to select the required privacy level.
Or browse the following link

1. Select “Safari”, then “Internet options”;
2. click on “Security”.
Or browse the following link

1.Select “Tools” then “Settings”; on “Show advanced settings”; on “Contents settings” in the “Privacy” section.
Or browse the following link

1.Select the “Tools” menu then “Options”; on “Privacy”.
Or browse the following link

For further information about data processing, users are invited to see the Privacy Policy at the following link
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